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My Favourite Trilogy… and it’s not Star Wars.

14 Jun

The first time I saw Before Sunrise, I fell in love.  With the characters, with Linklater and with Vienna. I’m sure I was already in love with Ethan Hawke – who isn’t?

To this day, it still holds strong on my Top Five list – maybe even the number one spot. It’s spontaneous and romantic. Who wouldn’t want to be swept off their feet  in a beautiful country. It’s endearing and captivating. It made Linklater really stand out to me. It takes a lot to write a film that is essentially an hour and a half of conversation, not to mention conversation that feels real and believable.  After watching Before Sunrise, I went on to watch all of Linklater’s films. I was already well-schooled in Dazed and Confused, but I continued on with Slacker, SubUrbia (which I LOVE) and The Newton Boys. By then I was up to date, so saw his other films as they came out. I enjoyed most of them, but Before Sunrise was always my favourite. It’s the reason I want to go to Vienna. It’s high up there on my bucket list. I ALMOST went, but it was winter and I want to go in the spring out summer. We went to Lisbon instead.

So how excited was I when Before Sunset was announced?!
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