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My Relationship with Superman.

27 Jun

Alright. There are a lot of Man of Steel reviews out there. I’ve have read quite a few of them myself and they all seem to bring up similar points. I’m not here to review Man of Steel. Not properly anyway.

This post was inspired by the Fatman on Batman podcast with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman that I listened to today. They talk about Man of Steel,  as well as the other versions of Superman through his own history. I am one hour into this two and a half hour podcast, but I was enjoying it – as I do every FonB – and was laughing most of the way to and home from work. Kevin liked it. Ralph did not. It’s an interesting and amusing conversation. Give it a listen.

To start, I’m not a fan of Superman in general. Yes, I love comic books. Yes, I love superheroes. But for some reason, I just never really cared for Superman. Sure he fights for what is right. He can fly. Has laser vision. Wears a brightly coloured costume. But it’s all straight up superpower. Where’s the gadgets? That’s what does it for me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m on Team Batman. Through and through. More on Batman later. He deserves a blog all to himself…. and I’ve know I’ve said that before. “That’s for another blog.” But it’s true. Bear with me. I have plans.

Back to Superman. I could take him or leave him. I tried watching the 1978 Superman years ago and got bored. All I remember was some boring talk on a boring Krypton, a geeky news guy, Superman flying Lois around the city and then later flying around Earth to turn back time. That’s it. Continue reading

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